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April 20th 2018: The first General Members meeting of the SGVRE is planned on Monday the 14th of May. The exact location will be                                                    communicated separately to the Members.

May 15th 2018: During the first General Member meeting on the 14th of May, it was decided unanimously that the name of our  

                                 association should be changed from SGVRE into "EUROPEAN VAPOUR RECOVERY ASSOCIATION" (EVRA).                                                        We are convinced that by changing our name during its start-up phase was the best option. Our new name pinpoints 

                                 even beter our goals and what we stand for. In the coming weeks we will provide all our contacts andf relations with 

                                 more important information.

November 2018: During the last member meeting in November 2018, a new logo was unanimous chosen for the European Vapour Recovery                                                     Association. All the members had the possibility to propose a new logo.  Many creative proposals where send in, but the best                                                  logo presented was from Mr. Ruud Cogels, President of Mariflex. This new logo establishes the European espirations of our                                                    organisation.

January 2019: We are happy to inform you that Endegs, Mobile VOC Combustion, has become a member                            of the EVRA.

March 2019: We are happy to inform you that VDP Maritime has become an associated member of the EVRA.

                     VDP Maritime is a leading Marine Chemist Expert. With a longyear track record all over the globe

                     they will strenghten the EVRA with their knowledge.