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Uncontrolled emissions to the outside air are a growing problem in urban and industrial areas. 

Producers and service providers in the field of vapor and odor processing are therefore involved in the

"European Vapour Recovery Association" (EVRA).

EVRA is a joint initiative of European service providers in the field of degassing and emission reduction. It serves as a platform where members share knowledge, interpret developments and reinforce each other. But also as an instrument to position our industry as a key player in government and business and to advise on regulations and standards. Obviously, the EVRA serves the (business) economic interests of its members.

Concrete activities

EVRA offers members a platform for exchange in the field of knowledge and technology and developments in the market. In fact this means:

• knowledge sharing within the expertise center 'Vapor recovery and vapor processing'

• the development of a knowledge platform for entrepreneurs in this industry

• professional lobby towards government and industry (participate in consultation forums, influence and respond to new                                       developments)

• professional communication towards public, market, national and international institutions

• developing market-wide quality and safety standards for installations and services

• development and organization training VRU analyst and VRU operator

Are you active in the field of development, production and services of emission control or vapor and odor treatment? Sign up here for the European Vapour Recovery Association (EVRA).